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Children in Need Marathon

(November 19, 2012)

Tennis Coaches run Marathon on tennis court whilst playing Tennis!!!

 & we raised  £313.28                                                                                                                     

for Children in Need 2012

Southbourne Tennis Club Coaches ran the equivalent of a marathon between four of them to raise money for Children in Need.  The coaches took part in Cardio Tennis sessions for 2hours and 34 minutes using wooden rackets until they had run the 10.62 km each. This was achieved on Friday 16th November from 10.30am until 1.04pm to raise money for Children in Need 

The coaches hit over 2400 tennis balls, burnt over 7128 calories and covered 26.4miles between them.  Donations were given by members and friends and family.

Well done to the Tennis Coaches, David Sanger, Zoltan Horvath, James Burr and Dan Gilbert who ran the marathon distance. Also a thank you to Matt Sanger run the extra long cardio session and kept the coaches going right to the end!!!

Thank you to all that donated and gave up their time on the day.  It made the day very successful and we raised much more money than we expected. 

On the day we had Richard Henshaw, a Dorset Lawn Tennis Association Official join in with over an hour of the session.  He said “it was an amazing achievement to run such a distance whilst playing tennis on a tennis court, and it was fun to see the coaches using the wooden rackets.”

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