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Disability Tennis Update

(April 07, 2013)

Southbourne Tennis Club extends disability programme with the help of the Captains Club Hotel.

With the help of a very generous donation from the Captains Club Hotel, Southbourne

Tennis Club is now providing disability tennis to many different groups.

Keith Mitchell, Chairman of the club, said ‘the donation from the Captains Club Hotel will provide the tennis club with a fantastic opportunity to expand our disability programme. We are a very friendly inclusive club that is very keen on involving a variety of groups and individuals in the game of tennis.’

Learning disabilities:

There is an open session every Saturday from 3.30 to 4.30 to which anyone with a learning disability is welcome. There is a canteen for players and carers to use and carers are welcome to use the clubhouse whilst the session is on. The cost of a session is £5 with help being available for anyone who finds it difficult to pay this fee.

There is a session for students from Boveridge School from 11.30 to 12.30 every Saturday.

The Boscombe Resource Centre

We work with The Boscombe Resource Centre and provide two sessions a week one on Monday at 2.00 and one on Wednesday at 11.00. People attend the centre if they have a physical disability, a sight or hearing impairment, learning difficulties or mental health needs.

Coping with CHAOS

Coping with CHAOS is a parent run organisation that supports families caring for a child/children or young person with a disability or special educational need. We provide sessions for the families during the school holidays.

Wheelchair Tennis

The club has sports wheelchairs and arranges wheelchair tennis sessions to suit individual players.



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