Southbourne Tennis Club AGM Monday 14th October 2019 7PM

We are fast approaching the time for our next Annual General Meeting which will be held on Monday 14th October 2019 7PM.

A full agenda and a proxy form to allow you to vote even if you cannot attend the meeting will be up on the website shortly, however some things we will be covering include:

  • An update on our application for charitable status
  • The trend in membership numbers
  • 2020/21 club fees

Reports have been received for the following:

The AGM is the best opportunity for you to hear what progress the club has made and what we hope will be happening over the next year and beyond. It is also your opportunity to be heard and as a member we really appreciate your thoughts and energy to help make the club even better.

The club committee has undergone significant change over the last year, with four new members, so if you wish to meet them, and understand what they have to say, please come along.

As required by our revised Memorandum and Articles of association all of the club committee will be standing down at the AGM, however all of them will be standing for immediate re-election and this is an important procedural matter. This of course allows potential for anyone else who is interested in becoming involved, so please let myself or Susie Grainger know if you are interested in getting involved.

Lastly, we have a decent team of people who keep on top of maintenance around the club, however we have a burning need for someone to help co-ordinate this and if you are interested, please let us know.

22/01/18 – Agenda Minutes

19/03/18 – Agenda Minutes

21/05/18 – Agenda Minutes

16/07/18 – Agenda Minutes

10/09/18 – Agenda Minutes

19/11/18 – Agenda Minutes

21/01/19 – Agenda Minutes

18/03/19 – Agenda Minutes

20/05/19 – Agenda Minutes

15/07/19 – Agenda Minutes

10/09/18 – Response to play and pay issue

16/07/18 – PowerPoint Presentation – Feasibility of 7th court

03/09/2018 – Open Meeting

Blank nomination forms for the committee

If you have something you would like put on the agenda for the next AGM, please let any of the committee know and they will put it on the agenda.