Match Tennis

The 2022 summer season will start on April 1st for the Dorset League

Please see other pages for details of the team captains and match dates.

Our captains do a fantastic job!

Men’s 1 – Lloyd Harkom
Men’s 2 – Owain Gosling
Men’s Vets 45+ – Patrick Brown
Men’s Hants & IOW – Dave Sanger
Ladies 1 – Cleo Skilton
Ladies 2 – Sarah Winter
Ladies 3 – Lena Chavez
Ladies Vets 60+ – Celia Barron
Ladies Hants & IOW – Cleo Skilton
Mixed 1 – Kirsty Holmes
Mixed 2 – Lena Chavez
Mixed 3 – Dan Light

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Below is the Dorset League score card


Sun April 24th v Swanage 1 H 4pm
Sun May 8th v DLR 1 H 4pm
Sun May 22nd v Vic Ave 1 H 4pm
Sun July 10th v Milford 2 A 10.30am
Sun July 31st v E Dorset 3 H 4pm
Sun Aug 7th v Sway 1 A 10.30am
Weds Aug 17th v Bmth Gdns 1 A
Sun April 10th v Vic Ave H 4pm
Thurs May 19th v St Leons 3 A
Tues June 14th v St Leons 2 H
Tues June 21st v DLP 1 H
Sun July 3rd v Sherborne H 4pm
Sun July 10th v St Seb A 10am
Weds Aug 3rd v Hale gdns 2 A
Thurs May 5th v St Leons 1 A
Sun June 12th v W Hants H 4pm
Sun June 26th v S'Heath A 10.30am
Sun JUly 24th v DLR H 4pm
Sun Aug 14th v Milford 1 H 4pm
Tues April 5th v Sbourne 2 H
Tues April 26th v St Leonards H
Tues May 3rd v DLP 1 H
Weds May 25th v W Hants A
Tues June 28th v Milford 2 H
Sat July 30th v Milford 1 A 10.30am
Thurs Aug 18th v E Dorset 1 A
Tues April 5th v Sbourne 1 A
Thurs April 21st v E Dorset 1 A
Sun May 8th v DLP 1 A 3.30pm
Tues May 17th v MIlford 2 H
Weds July 13th v St Leons 1 A
Tues July 19th v W Hants 1 H
Tues Aug 9th v Milford 1 H
Tues April 19th v Vic Ave H
Sat May 7th v Swanage 1 A 10.30am
Tues May 17th v Bmth Gdns H
Tues May 24th v W Hants 2 H
Sun June 5th v C Mullen A 10.30am
Sat June 25th v D'chester A 1pm
Tues Aug 2nd v E Dorset 2 H
Tues April 12th v Sbourne 2 H
Sat May 1st v D'chester A 1pm
Weds May 11th v W Hants 1 A
Tues May 31st v E Dorset 2 H
Tues June 7th v Milford 1 H
Thurs June 16th v E Dorset 1 A
Tues July 12th v W Hants 2 H
Sat April 2nd v Milford 1 A10.30am
Tues April 12th v S'bourne 1 A
Thurs May 12th v E Dorset 2 A
Tues June 7th v W Hants 2 A
Tues July 5th v E Dorset 1 H
Tues July 26th v W Hants 1 H
Sun Aug 7th v D'chester H 4pm
Tues May 3rd v Ferndown H
Thurs May 26th v St Leons A
Sun June 5th v Winton 2 A 11am
Sun June 26th v Swanage H 4pm
Sun July 3rd v E Xch H 4pm
Sat 30th April v Warsash H
Sat 14th May v East Dorset A
Sat 11th June Winchester A H
Sat 25th June v Salisbury A A
Sat 2nd July Winchester B H
Sat 14th May v Winchester A H
Sat 11th June v Thornden A A
Sat 25th June v East Dorset H
Sat 2nd July v Kingsgate A
Tues April 26th v Swanage A 11.30am
Tues May 12th v Sway H
Thurs June 30th v MIlford A 10.30am
Mon July 11th v St Leons A 12.00
Thurs July 21st v E Dorset H 11am
v Milford A Thurs July 28th
v Milford H Tues Aug 16th

Visit the LTA site for team information

Southbourne Tennis Club – Team Ethos and Selection

  • Southbourne Tennis Club aims to be a very friendly club open to players of all abilities.
  • The club will aim to run enough teams for the number of members wishing to play in teams.
  • The club will run a squad system for each of the teams.
  • The squad will elect a captain at the start of each season.
  • The club will always try and pick the best players for each squad.
  • The squad will be chosen using the squad and match selection criteria.
  • Where a squad is made up of very committed members with good availability a minimum of 6 players would be suitable. Where a squad comprises members with not such good availability a larger number of members may be required.
  • Members wishing to be a member of any squad will be required to attend at least one pre-season selection evening.
  • The selection of each squad will be made by head coach and the coaching team.
  • All team members should be good ambassadors for Southbourne Tennis Club
  • Team captains will choose the teams having regard to the good practice for teams captains criteria.
  • Team players will have regard to the good practice for team players criteria.

Finally whilst putting our best teams out is important at Southbourne Tennis Club, having fun and enjoying tennis is paramount.

Good practice for Team Players

The club recognises that team players play an important part in club life.

  • Always support you captain, especially with the sometimes difficult decisions they have to make.
  • Let you captain know your availability and update monthly.
  • Attend pre-season selection evenings
  • Try and attend the Monday evening team training session when possible
  • Pay match fees promptly to the team captain
  • Try and take an active part in the running of the club
  • Be a good ambassador for the club.


Squads are needed so that we can cope with injuries, illnesses and squad members being away. Squads will therefore need to be made up of a minimum of 6 members.

Dorset League and H & IOW (Summer only)

We have 9 teams playing in the Dorset winter and summer leagues (2 pair); 2 Men’s, 3 Ladies, 1 Ladies and 1 Men’s vets, and 3 Mixed, all of whom are in high divisions so the standard is good. I Men’s and 1 Ladies play in the H & IOW League (3 pair)

Selection for the squads will be based on:

  • Doubles success/experience at Senior Club level or other representative level
  • Doubles results
  • Flexibility to play with different partners and in a team environment
  • Fitness to play at least 2 doubles matches (4 sets)
  • General Availability
  • Behaviour and attitude on and off court to maintain the good standing of Southbourne Tennis Club

A small committee will put together the Club’s squads taking advice from the Head coach and the existing captains.

During September there will be an opportunity for all club members who would like to be considered for a team to attend a team selection session. There will also be 2 evenings when Team captains will invite their squads to a match practice evening. Subsequently there will be discussions between team captains the match secretary and club coach to discuss squads.

It is the responsibility of the Captain of each squad to select players for each match.