Why not volunteer and help your local tennis club?

Being a member of our club can be so much more! We are a non-profit organisation and invest everything back into the club. This takes short and long-term planning involving expertise and time. If we all do a little bit and share the load, we can all make a difference. We also run a large outreach programme to make tennis accessible to all players no matter their disability. Here are some ways you can help make Southbourne Club even better:

  • Help deliver our disability sessions. Our coaches will guide and support you so you can make a positive contribution to these sessions. They’re fun and interactive. A criminality disclosure is required but once this is done you’re free to take part and help give children and adults an amazing session!
  • Can you cook? Bake? Wash up?! We run tournaments throughout the year as well as parties for the kids… and adults! You can help us make visitors feel welcome and safe as well as feeling a full stomach! Don’t worry if you can’t cook as we always want people to help keep the kitchen clean!
  • Our club is precious to us and we try to save costs by doing maintenance ourselves, Fencing, painting, sweeping and cutting grass all need to be done!
  • If you are in a trade such as plumbing, building or carpentry we always have small jobs which need doing!
  • You may have expertise (or just lots of energy and enthusiasm) and you feel you can contribute to the long-term development of the club. Why not speak with a committee member.
  • You may have a great idea! Why not share it and even take ownership of it and get help from us to make it reality.

Whatever way you feel you can help the club speak to a committee member and they will give you guidance about how to make it happen. Alternatively, use the contact form on our site here and we’ll get in touch with you.

Above all...

Thank you for considering helping out! We're members who want to encourage you to develop not only in your tennis but also as a person within our club.
Get in touch and lets make your ideas become a reality!