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Maintenance work completed

By |2021-08-29T20:03:00+01:00August 29th, 2021|News|

Just a brief note to let you know that all of the maintenance work at the club this week has been completed, so court availability and parking spaces are now back to normal. The floodlights have been installed, the lighting poles all painted, and the trees have been trimmed or removed.

All that remains now is the resurfacing of the car park, which will take place later in September. You will receive emails with the details of that in due course.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation. These things may appear inconvenient at times, but there is never a good time to do them, and they do bring measurable benefits and improvements to our facilities.

Best wishes


Emergency tree work

By |2021-08-29T20:01:35+01:00August 29th, 2021|News|

On Tuesday 24th August tree surgeons will be at the club doing remedial work on several trees, including those in the club car park. So that the work is not impeded, it will be necessary to cordon off the usual car parking spaces. If you are coming to the club tomorrow you should plan to park on the road outside the club. Spaces will be available for disabled users only.

The work will be completed in one day, so things will return to normal on Wednesday 25th. Thank you for your understanding.


Colin Gilbey

Southbourne Open

By |2021-08-29T20:01:08+01:00August 29th, 2021|News|

This year’s Southbourne Open was a big success with over 80 players, ranging from under 8s to adults,  competing over 7 days.

Many thanks to those that helped out during the tournament and those that came along to support and to watch some of the tennis.

Thanks also go to the members whose court time and club sessions were interrupted to allow the tournament to take place.


David on behalf of Zoltan (tournament organiser)

Floodlight Replacement – Reminder

By |2021-08-29T20:00:17+01:00August 29th, 2021|News|

The current halogen based floodlights will be replaced with energy efficient LED lights during the weeks starting Monday 23rd and Tuesday 31st August. This will save the club money for both energy and maintenance costs.

During this period there will be inevitable disruption to the availability of courts during the day.

We expect to be able to keep 3 courts available during the daytime (with club sessions and group coaching sessions having priority) and with all courts being open in the evenings and the intermediate weekend.

The courts will be worked on 1-3 one week and 4-6 the other week. The flood lights will not be available in the evenings or the intermediate weekend on the courts that are being worked on first.

We apologise for the disruption and request that you are flexible and patient with us during this period. We are sure that the benefits for the members will be worth the upheaval.

Best wishes

David on behalf of the Committee

By |2021-08-10T21:53:54+01:00August 10th, 2021|News|

Southbourne Tennis Club Championships 2021

You can download the spreadsheet with all the matches and results below

Draws Club Championship 2021

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