A few days ago you should have received an email advising you that our club sessions are due to restart on 7th September, and that all sessions would need to be booked online via the Clubspark system.

This is a follow up email containing the details of how to complete a booking. Please read this carefully before starting the process.


1. In your browser go to ‘auth.clubspark.uk‘ and follow items 2-13 below or copy and paste this link this link into your browser


2. Southbourne Tennis club page will come up
3. Sign in as usual on Clubspark
4. Your name will come up
5. Press ‘Coaching’
6. Underneath this will be Coaching sessions. This is how you book onto club sessions
7. Search for your session(s)
8. Click on the one you wish to book
9. Tick the box
10. Click on book now
11. Click on your name so that you are recognised as a member
12. Tick the box to agree to the terms and conditions
13. Press ‘check out’
14. Please note that the system will only allow you to book for one week in advance.
15. No bookings can be done on the day of the session
16. You will receive an email to confirm your booking
17. If you make an error with booking or need to cancel please contact Colin