A note to members taking part in tomorrow’s Club Championship Finals Day.

Due to the bad weather which is forecast for tomorrow morning, Finals Day will now commence at the later time of 12 noon.

The revised order of play can be seen below:

12 Noon

Ladies Singles Tier 1
Natalie Carter vs Emily Pardy

Mens Vets Singles Tier 1
Patrick Browne vs Nigel Carter

Ladies Vets Doubles Tier 1
Kirsty Holmes/Jo Jones vs Cleo Skilton/Carol Dickie

Ladies Vets Singles Tier 1
Rachel Best vs Lena Chavez


Mens Singles Tier 1
Patrick Browne vs John Stevens

Ladies Doubles Tier 1
Natalie Carter/Melanie Castagna vs Jo Jones/Kirsty Holmes

Mens Singles Tier 2
Paul Burton vs Andrew King

Ladies Singles Tier 2
Amanda Nagle vs Bryony Mcenery


Mens Vets Doubles Tier 1
Nigel Carter/Richard Henshaw vs Patrick Browne/Chris Stevens

Mens Doubles Tier 2
Paul Burton/Steve Pardy vs Spencer Bradbury/Daniel Light

Mixed Doubles Tier 1
John Stevens/Natalie Carter or Tom Birch/Emily Pardy vs Zoltan Horvath/Jo Jones


Mixed Doubles Tier 2
Andrew Mouzouri/Becky Redman vs Daniel Light/Amanda Nagle

Mens Doubles Tier 1
John Stevens/Richard Henshaw or Patrick Browne/Andy Redman vs Zoltan Horvath/Matt Sanger

Thank you for your co-operation. We will of course continue to keep member’s updated if the situation changes.