1.Clubhouse and Grounds Team Leader

At the last Committee meeting we were still waiting, and hoping, that some one would volunteer to take over one of the roles that Peter Richardson had undertaken, that of Maintenance Co-ordinator. He was well supported by a small team of members who were able to take part in a few Sunday morning maintenance mornings, often offset by Sarah providing bacon sandwiches at the end !

Paul Woods has kindly agreed to take over the regular health and safety checks and to see what if any actions need to be taken as a result of this. The list which he compiled includes over 25 different actions. At the moment there is no one who has agreed to undertake any of the work in the absence of a leader.

This situation clearly cannot continue so we would be extremely grateful if all members would seriously consider two things:

Could I offer to take on the role of co-ordinating the small team of existing volunteers to ensure that the club is maintained safely and remains fit for purpose?

Could I offer to turn up on a few Sunday mornings(or other time to suit) to help in completing the necessary work?

Please take a moment to think about how much you value the club and what you get from it and see if YOU are able to help in any way. We will be extremely grateful. THANK YOU


One of the key things that our club, along with many other tennis clubs is having to deal with, is a national decline in people playing tennis, especially in local community settings. This has a significant impact on our finances . To counter this we have agreed to explore other options for raising revenue through sponsorship deals. So if you have your own business or know someone who does we would like to offer you the opportunity to sponsor some elements of the club programme . Clearly this will provide you with an opportunity to publicise your business too!

If you are interested in this please email us and we will provide you with an outline document explaining what is available.


Yes , its that time of year again when we all rack our brains about what to buy, how much to spend, which charitable causes to support. Stop here!

Now that we have achieved charitable status we are able to claim gift aid against all donations. So if Southbourne Tennis Club is one of our favourite charities you know what to do. You might also consider regular giving on a monthly basis and or leaving a legacy in your will.

Our club works as well as it does through the ongoing commitment of you our members. Thank you for your part in it. We look forward to hearing from you.