With our adult members Christmas party now fast approaching….or to be more specific, with just over two weeks to go! I wanted to inform those, who will be attending, of a couple of last minute details ahead of showtime on Saturday December 7th.

Dress Code

I have been asked by one or two members if there will be a dress code for the evening. We have decided to keep it to smart/casual. However, should anyone feel that they would like to dress up a bit more formally, then of course that is absolutely fine. Whatever people feel most comfortable wearing really….within reason!!!!

Members are asked to arrive at the hotel as close to 7pm as possible, with the meal being served around 7.30pm. This will then be followed by the disco starting from 9pm and going through until midnight.


For those members driving to the event, parking is available at both the Cottonwood Hotel and the Ocean View Hotel, where the party is being held. PLEASE NOTE: Members are asked to register their car registration details at reception, when parking at either hotel, to avoid getting a parking ticket!

I have also been made aware that free parking is available after 5pm, along both Manor Road, which runs alongside the hotel, as well as on East Overcliff Drive, towards the front of the hotel.

If needed, full contact details for the Ocean View Hotel are as follows: East Overcliff Drive, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH1 3AR, Tel No. 01202 558057

We look forward to a great evening!