All members please read, note and act accordingly

I am sorry to inform you that I need to reiterate that the club clubhouse and courts are not to be used by anybody from now onwards.

NO ONE should be using them. Please can all of you make sure that any member with whom you come into contact is aware of this. If they ask you to play, to hit, or to part of a fixed four etc please say no.

I have had a number of complaints and concerns raised both by members and our neighbours that people are still playing. One of them saw someone come out of the clubhouse this morning!

They have even suggested that we remove the nets but from the discussions that I have had with the Head Coach this is no easy task especially as they have not been removed for several years. So we will have to continue to rely on people being sensible and taking this seriously.

We must take account of the Government Guidelines

Stay home Protect the NHS Save lives

Thank you for your support and understanding.