1. Donations
Thank you to all members who kindly responded to our suggestion that they might feel able to donate to Club funds, the amount that we reduced the annual fee to take account of the impact of Covid 19. So far members have donated over £1000. We look forward with confidence to your continuing financial support. Now that we are a charity we are able to claim gift aid which enhances the donations that you make. We are open to receive funds all year round!

2. Toilets
I am acutely aware that members have been unhappy with the decision that we had to make to protect you during the crisis caused by the pandemic. When we did so it was with your best interests in mind. I am therefore delighted to be able to inform you that we now feel able to partially reopen the club house to enable you to use the toilets. Provided that we are able to get all the hygiene measures in place we aim to reopen them from 6 July. This will also mean that we will need to enhance our cleaning schedule and we would be grateful for all offers of help, especially financial to enable this to be achieved.

In order to continue to ensure that we do everything to keep you safe you will need to ensure that you take full account of the following:

a).Members, please do not enter the clubhouse except to use the toilets or access the first aid kit/defibrillator in an emergency.
b)When using the toilets, please follow a strict ‘one in, one out’ policy.
c)No more than two people should be in the clubhouse at any one time.
d)Use the hand sanitiser provided upon entering and leaving the building.
e)After using the toilets, wash your hands thoroughly, using soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
f)Before leaving the toilets wipe down all surfaces you have touched, using the antibacterial spray and paper towels provided. Discard used paper towels in the pedal bin.
g)Do not use the kitchen or any other areas in the clubhouse, including seating areas and showers. Please do not touch any other surfaces except for those which are necessary when using the toilets.
h)Maintain a two metre distance from others at all times.

3. Entry & Exiting of clubhouse
The code for the front door has been sent by email. When you leave the building you MUST relock it. This is done by pressing the small moon shape on the automation key pad to the right of the door(see instructions in the building if you’re not sure) and pressing the F button on the keypad on the outside of the door.

Check that you have locked it please.

The above list will be posted in the toilets together with the hand washing posters in line with Government guidelines. I am confident that with your help and support we will be able to maintain this progress but if we feel that at any time members are not keeping to these rules we will have to think again.

4. Visitors
Sadly it has come to my attention that some members, whilst encouraging friends/family members or guests/other non members to try tennis, they have not been paying visitors fees. It is your responsibility as a member to ensure that this is no longer the case. Please make sure that you complete the visitors book and put the £3 fee in one of the envelopes provided and place it in the treasurers box. Thank you for your help.

Also the upgraded ClubSpark booking system enables you to make a group booking , you will need to select ‘advanced options ‘ and you can give the details of who will be on court with you. Please use it if you would prefer  to pay on line.

5. Tennis Balls
As a gesture from the club, for July only, we are having a Special Offer on tennis balls and will be selling them for £3 per can, which is less than cost price. Initially the offer will be restricted to 1 can per member, to make them available for everyone, but this will be reviewed later in the month. They will be on sale at the club at the following times:
Wed July 1st – 10am -11am
Thurs July 2nd – 10am – 11am
Sat July 4th – 10am – 11am
Tues July 7th – 6pm – 7pm
If you have problems getting to the club at these times send Celia a message (07772723207).

In conclusion, all the Committee have been faced with an extremely challenging set of circumstances over the last few months. I would like to thank Celia, Dan and Amanda in particular who have put in several additional hours to help us address the issues around reopening the toilets. Celia has also undertaken a full spring clean of the clubhouse.

During this Covid period we have been offered some degree of support and advice from the LTA but at the end of the day the committee have had to make its decisions on what it see’s is in the best interest of the club and all its members.

We thank you for your support and understanding as we continue to strive to make your tennis experience at Southbourne of the highest quality.

Susie Grainger

Southbourne Tennis Club