The Committee are continuing to work out how best to enable the ‘club’ sessions to be restarted given ongoing concerns around the spread of coronavirus.

When we do so, we need to have a number of different methods in place which we will have to ask all members to take full account of, should they wish to play in these sessions. We envisage that there will be no option but to book in advance.

So prior to restarting we need to identify the following:

  • a way of recording who attends each session (to take into account track and trace)
  • a way of using the Clubspark system so that members book each session (previously you could just turn up)
  • a way of including members who cannot access Clubspark
  • a way of ensuring that not too many members turn up to play to avoid queueing before and after a game
  • a way of organising the play for each session as we won’t be able to use the current board system
  • a volunteer to oversee the whole new system
  • a volunteer to ensure that each separate session runs effectively

We are hoping that you will consider the above and get in touch to offer your comments and help.

Thank you for your support.

Southbourne Tennis Club