After very careful consideration and a great deal of head scratching, accompanied by the lack of guidance from the LTA, the Committee are pleased to advise you that we now feel able to reopen our ‘club’ sessions. However, in doing so we will need your help to ensure we continue to take full account of the current government advice to prevent any further Covid 19 outbreaks. PLEASE therefore take time to read the information below before you attend your first ‘club’ session.

When: from 7th September 2020

How: by booking your preferred slot on Clubspark. This will come in a 2nd email in the next few days.

You will have to prebook for every session. At the current time we are unable to let anyone play unless they have booked in advance.
This enables us to have the details of who has attended in case we need to use the track and trace system to advise you, should anyone display any symptoms for the session that you attended.
We are hoping to make arrangements for members who do not have access to the Clubspark system. Please be patient with regard to using the system as we know that from time to time it is not as effective as it needs to be.

Which days are sessions available, at what time and how many places are there, please continue at sessions you were previously attending

Monday 10-12 a.m. green session, 3 courts, 14 places

Monday 7-9 p.m. team members only, 3 courts, 14 places

Tuesday 9-11a.m. red session, 4 courts, 18 places

Wednesday 6-8 p.m. green session, 4 courts, 18 places

Thursday 6-8 p.m. red session,3 courts, 14 places

Friday 8.30-10.15 a.m. green and red session,4 courts, 18 places
10.30-12.15 a.m. green and red session,4 courts, 18 places

Sunday 10-12 a.m. green and red session ,3 courts,14 places

Who will be managing each session
Some of you have very kindly volunteered already to help each session to operate smoothly. For example, the giving out and collection of balls, organising the order of play, length of games and ensuring that everyone present gets to play with other people there etc. Matches should be max of 7 games. However, we still need some more of you to volunteer. If you are willing to help with the running of these club sessions, please contact Celia 07772723207 for further details. We envisage that after the first few weeks everyone will have settled down into the new way of playing so hopefully you will not find this task too arduous.

What else do I need to know
The clubhouse remains closed and will do so until further notice, please therefore ensure that you bring your own water. You should not be congregating around the patio/grounds area and should still take full account of the social distancing guidelines. ENURE THAT YOU SANITISE YOUR HANDS AS ADVISED BOTH BEFORE AND AFTER YOUR GAMES.

Thank you to all of you who responded to our email requesting ideas and help to enable us to start to re-establish the ‘club’ sessions. Please ensure you arrive only 5 minutes before the session is due to start and leave promptly.

Southbourne Tennis Club