Letter to adult members 120920

I am sorry to trouble you with yet another email, but there is a clear need for the committee to convey some messages to all members.
The club sessions have restarted but there are a number of concerns. Members are not always making a booking and are simply arriving at the club. Each session needs to have a designated leader or ‘owner’ who ensures certain things happen (details later) – yet we have had almost no volunteers to take up this responsibility at any session.

The committee are currently working very hard to ensure the club follows LTA and Government guidelines, and that club sessions can take place, but we can only do so much – and we are volunteers, not paid staff.

In order to try and help members, you will see below specific links for every club session. By using the link in your browser, you should be able to get more speedily and directly to the session you wish to book. We will continue to provide support for those few members who do not use email or clubspark. However, we cannot continue to run club sessions without there being a designated owner or leader for each one. This involves collecting/distributing balls from the clubhouse, encouraging members to use the sanitiser available, noting any members who attend and have not booked beforehand, and setting limits on the number of games played if members are waiting to play.

Unless we have some people prepared to take this minor but critical responsibility at each club session, there is a very real danger that we will have to suspend club sessions. The committee – already depleted by two missing heads – can do no more, we are already working hard and need others to get involved.

Many thanks

The Committee

The individual links to the sessions are here.


1. In your browser go to copy and paste link below for the session you wish to book for and follow items 2-12

For Monday 10-12 a.m. green session, 3 courts, 14 places

For Monday 7-9 p.m. team members only, 3 courts, 14 places

For Tuesday 9-11a.m. red session, 4 courts, 18 places

For Wednesday 6-8 p.m. green session, 4 courts, 18 places

For Thursday 6-8 p.m. red session,3 courts, 14 places

For Friday 8.30-10.15 a.m. green and red session,4 courts, 18 places

For Friday 10.30-12.15 a.m. green and red session,4 courts, 18 places

For Sunday 10-12 a.m. green and red session ,3 courts,14 places

2. Southbourne Tennis club club session booking page will come up
3. Tick the box of the date you wish to book
4. Click on book now
5. Sign in as usual on Clubspark
6. Click on your name so that you are recognised as a member, make sure it says member if not click change
7. Tick the box to agree to the terms and conditions
8. Press ‘check out’
9. Please note that the system will only allow you to book for one week in advance.
10. No bookings can be done on the day of the session
11. You will receive an email to confirm your booking
12. If you make an error with booking or need to cancel please contact Colin.